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Hot Tub Manufacturing Equipment and Technologies INC.

Is a company that specializes in all phases of Spa Manufacturing. Our main focus is the training of the Technologies and the Assistance required to produce the portable spa.
Along with the Technology, we also specialize in the equipment needed to produce Spas from the rawest forms. We have produced thousands of Spas and Cedar Hot Tubs
since we started manufacturing in 1972. Our Technology and Equipment is presently in service in 14 countries around the world. Production capacities of facilities we have supplied range from 400 portable spas per year to over 3500 spas per year.

The opportunities that exist in this industry are staggering. In almost all areas of the world there is a need and a market wanting this relatively new product. The profits that can be achieved from the point of manufacture to the point of final sale to the end user are equally staggering.

If you have a desire to start up your own portable spa manufacturing facility, then you have come to the right address. Hot Tub Manufacturing Equipment and Technologies inc. is the only company that can supply you with EVERY PIECE of the PUZZLE and meet your budget requirements.

Our business is your success. Together, we can make it possible.

If you wish to take the next step towards the possibility of becoming a Spa Manufacturer, please Email us today with your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

PHONE +1 204 666 7817

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